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How we can help in general?

Greenfield Development

Whether you're startup looking to try out your business model or an established company looking to invest in new solutions, we provide complete software development life cycle services, from inception, through analysis and design, to development and testing.

Reengineering & Migration

Do you have a working software system that you are not happy with? We provide analysis services and decision making support to assist in re-engineering your system to meet your business while making sure your previous investments are kept through data migration and user training.

Maintenance & Support

Even after your application has been successfully deployed to customers, we won't leave you hanging dry! You can rely on us providing long-term support and maintenance to ensure continued successful operation of the product.

Typical scenarios

Software Product Development

Our software development team can help your organization plan, design, implement and monitor software systems that will help you achieve and exceed your company objectives. Whether through a traditional waterfall design or agile development methodologies, our team will construct a framework that will work seamlessly with your existing operations, and enhance your business without any distractions or costly interruptions.

Our software engineers are trained to develop the most innovative and state-of-the-art systems, and can use various methodologies to achieve the optimal design for your organization. We analyze your company’s needs and design an approach and strategy that will work best to achieve your objectives.

Software development outsourcing

Software development requires not only specialist skills and knowledge but can also take a long time and be expensive.
It therefore makes sense to bring in a software development offshore/nearshore outsourcer when you want to increase the output of your own development team without having to employ additional expensive programmers to implement your ideas.

Website development

Website development covers everything from a brochure website build based on CMS, through an e-commerce solution and all the way to custom built portals aimed at providing support for your business.

At COING, we have partnered with a number of leading CMS and E-commerce vendors to bring cost effective and secure solutions to our clients.

iOS mobile development

Accounting for more than 75 billion downloads of their 1.3 million plus applications, Apple's iOS leads the market in mobile web data consumption.

COING delivers customized mobile applications for today's in-touch iPhone and iPad consumer. User driven stand-alone apps, or more focused apps that serve to function with or operate complex and extensive systems.

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