When it comes to outsourcing software product development, the issue is always about trust.
Can you trust the company with your software product? Are they going to put the same amount of passion, drive, and expertise in developing it? Are they going to be able to understand what you want?
We can help you overcome those fears.


Outsourcing your development to an offshore or a nearshore company is a huge financial benefit but at the same time, it's an important decision to make. The risks are there, especially with software development, because if under the hood engineering isn't perfect, maintaining the software can become a nightmare.

Coing has a team of experienced software engineers at your service

In today's ruthless software market, product companies are under enormous pressure to release new versions to keep up with their competitors. Life cycles are shorter, software might become technologically obsolete, the design and engineering technologies are advancing rapidly and becoming more complex.
Our CEO says:

"It's not a secret that if companies are able to release new versions earlier than planned, they could acquire bigger market share and increase their revenues. However, we understand that budgets for software product development may be limited. We are here to offer a hand."

Nenad Milanovic

Full Life-cycle Services

We offer full software development life-cycle services, from inception, through evaluation and design, to development and testing. Adequate documentation, appropriate configuration management, strict adherence to the design, architecture and coding standards are implied.


Our software engineers are capable of developing pioneering state-of-the-art systems. Our positive attitude and professional approach are visible in the work that we do. Our clients appreciate our expertise and this is our most valuable reward.


We study your business needs and establish an approach that will make sure we achieve your objectives. Infusing vision in each aspect of our work is our primary task that we commit to on a daily basis.


Our shorter time to market is not achieved by compromising the quality of the software, it is achieved by way of professionalism. We commit fully to each task and are determined to deliver high-quality product and services.

How can we help in general

Outsource Full-cycle Software Product Development

Are you a startup looking to confirm your business model or a well established company wanting to invest in new solutions, you can provide us with a specification or an assigned Product Owner, and we'll build your software from the ground up.

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Outsource Standalone functionality development

If you would like to offer more features or build additional applications for your product which involve development work, for example, a mobile version etc. we will work with your team collaboratively and make sure to stay within budget and time during implementation.

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Outsourced Re-engineering and Migration

If you are not happy with your working software system, we can provide analysis services and decision making support to help re-engineer it to cater to your business needs. We will also make sure your previous investments are retained through data migration and user training.

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Outsourced Maintenance and Support

After your software has been successfully deployed, we won't abandon you! You can rely on us providing long-term support and maintenance to secure continued successful operation.

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Team augmentation

It’s a sound business decision to bring in a software development outsourcer when you want to increase the productivity of your own development team without the need to employ additional expensive programmers. We offer you a flexible team or individual developers which are able to complement your project with the required software engineering skills.






Still not convinced that outsourcing software development is right for you?

You should know that by outsourcing development, companies can:

Gain expertise

Build additional features

Decrease development costs

Boost your bottom line by gaining time to focus on new competencies.

Development requires a lot of attention. If top management is focused on the details of software development, then market analysis and marketing activities which carry the success of the company will not be high on the priority list. In the long run, the profitability of your company may suffer.

Outsource your software development now.

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